KIO Platform:

  • Connects everything in your enterprise from shop floor to the top floor

  • Collects data from the sensors to the cloud

  • Integrates with all devices capable of sharing data

  • Helps to improve your operational efficiency by delivering value-added digital services

  • Empowers you to maximize ENERGY EFFICIENCY, 

                                to make PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE,

                                to perform PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS.

Step Into the KIO World!

Discover the KIO world and its advantages, contact us to learn more about custom solutions specially designed for your business.

KIO Modules

Thanks to its expandable modular structure, it s possible to add features to the KIO Basic Module according to your needs. You can choose the modules which satisfy your requirements the best, among the ones listed below.

Basic Module

With easy-to-use dashboards, basic module provides standard features like real-time monitoring, alarm management and allows you to make standard reports.Please see Features below for default characteristics of Basic Module.

Advanced Reporting Module

You can set up scheduled reports, make budgets and regression analysis, and get weather information with the advanced reporting module.

Advanced Monitoring Module

You can monitor energy efficiency, make unit cost calculation, pin devices from different locations on the map and make comparisons on organizational, device or device group basis.

Invoice Management Module

You can create invoices according to the invoice tariffs formed in the parametric structure, see the invoice amounts of the devices for different periods, and track charging of issued invoices. You can use this module in order to cut energy of the devices in case of unpaid bills.

Sensor and I/O Module

You can manage the sensor and remote manageable input / output units with this module and set an alarm for them. You can create values by applying four mathematical operations on the sensor data. You can also set alarms using these customized values.


SCADA system can be moved to the web environment, you can easily manage your devices over the web with SCADA logic. You can set an alarm for your devices and enrich your SCADA environment with various graphics. You can monitor the change in data instantaneously similar to SCADA system.

Mobile Application

You can access your IoT devices via your smart phones or tablets instantly.

Energy Efficiency (ISO 50001) Module

You can control all points with the energy measurement plan and help the environmental management system with the carbon emission and TEP calculation. You can also view the status of energy consumption with the energy performance indicators.

Multi-Conditional Status

It is known as advanced alarm management system. Various logical operators are applied to analog, digital and derived values to take actions such as cutting-off energy, opening relay or closing the valve. If alarms occur, users are notified.

Data Transfer Module

Measured values and parameters listed in Excel or similar file formats are transferred to the system and monitored.

KIO Features

All features are included in Basic Module unless any specific module is explicitly mentioned


Real-Time Monitoring

Device parameters can be monitored on organizational or graphical basis. Reactive energy monitoring can be done.

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Alarm Management

You can see alarm status, filter alarms and even check alarms occurred in the past. Logs of both system and device alarms are kept. You can also classify alarm levels as warning, critical or dangerous.

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Easy-to-use Dashboards

You can customize dashboard screens according to your needs, so you can directly access the most critical data when you log in to the system.

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Standard Reports

You can create customized report formats or use predefined automatic reports. (Instant Data, Index and Energy Data, Periodic Energy Consumption, Demand Data, Invoice)

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Web Based System

Users can gain access to the system regardless of the platform, simply through a standard web browser.

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Advanced Database

Advanced database features enable detailed device monitoring, parameter logging, analyzing and reporting.

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Time Zone Support

Different time zones can be defined for the devices located at different regions.

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Brand Independent Integration

Klemsan or other branded products can be added to the system and energy consumption of all products in the system can be monitored.

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HTTPS support, user passwords, functions and profile based user authorization ensure a high level of system safety.

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Load Share

Number of devices that communicate is infinite with load share a single server supports more than 2000 devices.

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Single Line Scheme (Mimic Diagram)

Single line scheme can be designed through web-based system. Features similar to SCADA system can be defined (available only with WEB SCADA Module)

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Cost Analysis

Budget calculation according to various energy sources can be done in order to supply supportive data for financial department. Target and actual costs can be compared. (available only with Advanced Reporting Module)

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Multi-conditional Status

Logical operations on analog, digital and derived values in the system are performed and various controls are provided. (available only with Multi-conditional Status Module)

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Map Screen

Enables over-the-map monitoring of devices located at different facilities or regions by simply pinning devices on the map. (available only with Advanced Monitoring Module)

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Modular Structure

Modular structure enables various expansion options on a single system according to the needs of the customers.

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Step Into the KIO World!

Discover the KIO world and its advantages, contact us to learn more about custom solutions specially designed for your business.

KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects) is an IoT Platform, which helps you to step into the digital transformation world, for the purpose of empowering you  maximize your energy efficiency, and allowing you to make both proactive maintenance and predictive analytics. 


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