The continuity of energy in businesses is very important for the sustainability of production and services. With surge arrestors, we do not just protect the electrical systems from sudden overvoltage surges but also, we manage failure detection information flow via KIO. Thanks to the KIO alarm management system, the user is informed via SMS or e-mail against risk of overvoltage and lack of lightning protection due to possible surge arrestor failure. In the following scenario, the remote monitoring method of the surge arrestors can be seen.


Overvoltage pulses from the energy network are prevented by the surge arrestors from entering the energy system. Due to time-dependent aging or lightning pulse currents that may rise over the capacity of the surge arrestors, the surge arrestors may fail. In this case, the EASIO digital input device connected to the surge arrestors receives this failure signal and transmits it to the KIO via an access point (gateway). This is informed to the users with the alarm parameters set in KIO. With early intervention, the safety of the facility is ensured by KIO. The KIO side view of the alarm features created for the surge arrestors is as follows.

Alarm specifications which were created for the surge arrestor can be monitored through KIO as shown below



Below are examples of SMS and E-mails to be sent to the user in case of an occurence of an alarm.
When an alarm occurs, the user receives a notification via SMS. In e-mail notifications, the user is informed in detail regarding the alarm.