Klemsan has carried its experience from electric - electronics and industrial automation systems into a brand-new platform:
Klemsan Internet Objects - KIO

Klemsan Internet Objects

KIO - Klemsan Internet Objects, is a web-based IoT platform developed by Klemsan. Utilizing its experience in electric-electronics and industrial automation systems, Klemsan combines its cutting edge OT solutions and with the latest IT technology. With the latest versions of KIO Platform, Klemsan turns industrial IoT promises into powerful realities. KIO Platform was evolved form Systemon, which was launched as an energy monitoring software in 2014, into an IoT platform empowering organizations to maximize both energy efficiency and productivity. KIO provides scalable applications and custom solutions for the industries with its expandable modular structure. With KIO Platform and Klemsan hardware solutions, it is now easy to connect your devices to create your digital world, use your data efficiently and simply your cross-site operations. KIO offers a single solution for all energy efficiency and productivity needs with its advanced features like real-time monitoring, reporting, invoicing, alarm management, and many other for energy efficiency.

Hardware Experience

We analyse user needs better and offer more effective solutions with our experience and know-how in hardware manufacturing.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support team is just a call away; we guarantee continuous energy monitoring with 24/7 technical support.

Broad Sales Network

Our broad sales network helps you to better determine your needs and select the appropriate energy management system for you.

Worldwide Operations

Operating globally with 12 offices worldwide, supporting KIO platform wherever you are.

KIO & Klemsan Advantages

KIO, is an IoT platform developed by Klemsan Electric Electronics Inc. As Klemsan Inc, we manufacture electrotechnic, electronic and industrial automation devices since 1974. Supporting our customers globally with 12 offices around the world and 7 offices across Turkey, we ensure and carry customer satisfaction to the highest level. We push our limits to provide better energy efficiency solutions with our investments in sustainable development, R&D and innovation. Visit our website or contact us using the form in contact page for more information about Klemsan products and solutions.

KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects) is an IoT Platform, which helps you to step into the digital transformation world, for the purpose of empowering you  maximize your energy efficiency, and allowing you to make both proactive maintenance and predictive analytics. 


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