We tried to answer frequently asked questions about KIO below. Please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact form regarding your questions about KIO and to get technical support.

KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects), is a compact, easy to use web based IoT platform developed by Klemsan; especially focused on energy management.
Monitoring systems of the KIO platform are informational systems that allow you to view the entire picture, analyze saving points, and evaluate your system from different aspects with various comparisons. For example, if you are planning to start an energy efficiency study, you can use the monitoring system to determine where to start and analyze the benefits of your project using time/situation based comparative reports. Or you can identify bottlenecks in your system and change the priorities of your action plans in this direction.

KIO is a tool that allows you to identify the current situation of your business and determine your roadmap for saving actions. KIO cannot provide direct savings in the event that no action is taken as a result of the analysis; but enables analyzing your energy investments, developments regarding energy use, and comparison of different parameters.

Average saving rates based on the "Energy Efficient Industry" studies are as follows; the numbers may change according to facility conditions, energy usage, and saving methods applied.

Fan Systems 52%
Cooling Tower 50%
Oven Systems 45%
Lighting 30%
Air Conditioners: Cooling 25%, Heating 75%
Refrigerators 25%
Yes, you can run KIO on your own servers if they meet the configuration requirements with continuous licence model.
Yes, KIO is compatible with virtual servers. Please refer to our technical support team to determine configuration needs for your system.
First year updates and software maintenance fees are included to permanent licence purchases. After one year, it is possible ot get support and updates for an additional fee, please contact with your customer representative to get your offer.
You get software maintenance for a one year period; it is all up to you to get the service afterwards.
First you need to get the latest version to start getting software maintenance. Please contact your customer representative for contract renewals.
It is all up to you, software maintenance contract can be extended as you need during the first purchase or contract renewal periods.
KIO offers a modular licencing system. You can add or remove modules according to your needs.
Sure, you can add extra modules whenever you want with our licence upgrade options.
It is possible to add devices later cumulatively. For instance, you need a system for 50 devices now and will need additional 75 devices next year. In this case, you can start with 50 device licence and add other 75 devices when you need. In the end, you will have 125 device licence in total.
You can still benefit KIO advantages if you don’t have any physical or virtual servers, using our SaaS (software as a service) licensing model.
Software maintenance and update costs are added to the SaaS licence fee, you don’t need to pay any extra for SaaS licence. Maintenance and update costs are included in the total licence fee for each licensing period.
If the field work of your project is completed by your team, then you can contact with Klemsan Authorized Resellers or directly with Klemsan. You offer will be created based on number of devices to be monitored and number of users.
On-site audits are necessary to get the system working without any problems. You can make you own audits, also we can make the site audits for you. Your offer will be based on this audit report.
No, KIO can monitor water, gas, and heat consumptions besides electricity; furthermore, sensors and I/O modules can be included in the system.
You don’t need to know coding to use KIO. Compact and modular structure of KIO eliminates coding work to run the system.
KIO enables multi-device access with its responsive structure. Not limited with computers; you can use tablets, mobile phones, smart TVs and other smart devices to access KIO.
A unique username and password is defined for each user. No user can see the pages of another user, whether they are permanent license users working within the same company, or employees of different companies that have leased licences.
KIO is suitable for all type of companies which want to monitor energy consumptions, alarms, devices; analyze and report consumption data. Companies pursuing ISO 50001 certificate Production facilities/factories Chain stores, restaurants, markets Shopping malls Hotels, residences, buildings Banks Public buildings Industrial zones Companies making reactive monitoring for multiple locations Companies administrating shopping malls, residences, industrial zones, etc.
Sure, you can get SMS or e-mail notifications in case of alarms. You need to make bulk SMS contracts with you service provider to get SMS notifications.
Yes, it is possbile but first please contact with your service provider and convert these lines to M2M data lines with static IP.
You can use, please inform our customer represenatives about this issue.
You can add location information to the device card while defining devices to the system will enable map view options.
Number of users defined in your licence can login to the system simultaneously. For SaaS licence users, only one user can get logged in to the system, the user will be dropped if another user tries to login to the system.
Yes, you can make multi-location monitoring with KIO.
If these softwares are web/IP based, then it is possible to unify all data under KIO and use a single interface for all your monitoring needs.
"Admin" account can make dynamic authorization. Logging in to your system as admin enable user authorization screen, you can authorize users by section/region/module/menu content/page views. For instance, assembly line chief access is limited with the devices within his line, however the facility manager can see all devices within the production facility. User authorization levels provide quick access to the right data, saving time and energy for the users.
Yes, you can get reports using historic data. Permanent licence owners can keep history data as long as their data storage allows. SaaS user history data are stored up to one month after the licence period expires. SaaS users shoudl back-up their own history data at the end of each period.
Yes; you can compare location, group, branch, sensor and comparison parameters and report comparisons as graph.
Yes, you can monitor your carbon oscillation in categories through KIO. All you need is to define your carbon tariff to the system.
Yes, you can get the quickest and the most effective support with our support team wherever you are through remote connection.
Authorised Klemsan solution partners provide installation service on demand for your devices.

KIO (Klemsan Internet Objects) is an IoT Platform, which helps you to step into the digital transformation world, for the purpose of empowering you  maximize your energy efficiency, and allowing you to make both proactive maintenance and predictive analytics. 


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